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What is website optimization?

Website optimization, apart from activities outside the website, is a large part of positioning. Very often, we do not know …Read More

Profile PhotoJarek ApanasewiczOctober 4, 2022

Features of a good website

Are you going to outsource the creation of a website, but you don’t really know much about it? You don’t …Read More

Profile PhotoJarek ApanasewiczSeptember 1, 2022

Landing page – what is it?

What is a landing page? This term can often be found in the context of online advertising, especially paid advertising, …Read More

Profile PhotoJarek ApanasewiczJune 8, 2022

What is a responsive website?

People interested in creating websites have often encountered the term responsive website or the abbreviation RWD. What does this mean …Read More

Profile PhotoJarek ApanasewiczApril 19, 2022

WordPress Course London

This three hours video online course is offered for everybody form UK (United Kingdom), England, Ireland, Scotland. It gives you …Read More

Profile PhotoJarek ApanasewiczMarch 17, 2022

How to move payments on WooCommerce checkout to right column

When building a custom WooCommerce Checkout page, you may need to move the payments elsewhere. The same process can be …Read More

Profile PhotoJarek ApanasewiczOctober 5, 2021