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About me

And how I can help?
Experienced WordPress Expert

Jarek Apanasewicz

The combination of the wizard’s personality and the exact mind. Commitment to the implementation of your ideas, to the limit of physical abilities. Unbending in pursuit of the goal. There is no balance between work and other spheres. Full love for life and 100% satisfaction from every day!

I’m creating websites since over 12 years. I’m freelancer running one man company (Design Soutions), where I create websites, blogs, e-shops, designs, SEO and everything related to the appearance of the company on the Internet. My clients are most often small companies which I help to grow up. I created over 1000 websites and for most of those clients I did indywidual course of menaging WP so I know wery well, what how to share with you my knowledge.

For 7 years I have been cooperating with diib™ , where I am responsible for taking care of thousands of websites, updating them, repairing, developing, etc. I create new websites there as well.

I have been gathering experience over the years. Today I want to share with you all my acquired knowledge. Choose the right course for you and I am convinced that you will learn a lot of new things that you had no idea and work on your website will be much easier. These new skills will catapult your online activities.