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What is website optimization?

Website optimization, apart from activities outside the website, is a large part of positioning. Very often, we do not know exactly what it consists of and what it really means. This is mainly due to the complexity of the process and the many elements that make up the optimization. In this text, therefore, we answer the question – what is website optimization, i.e. on-site operation, why the website should be optimized and what are the most important optimization activities on the website.

What is website optimization?

Website optimization is the configuration and adjustment of the website itself to the Google search engine. These are on-site activities, i.e. activities on the website itself that are performed only within our website. In general, there are even several hundred parameters that we can adjust and optimize for the Google search engine. We can distinguish several of the most important ones – over a dozen. They have the greatest impact on the position of a website in the Google search engine. Website optimization is the basis and starting point for all other activities that we will perform in the future and positioning our website. Website optimization is therefore adapting the website in accordance with SEO principles to the Google search engine and creating a properly functioning platform from it for further positioning activities, such as adding content or other off-site positioning activities performed outside the website.

Why should you optimize your website?

Website optimization should be performed in the first place if we want to position our website. It is a key element on which will depend how effectively and efficiently the entire website will be positioned on the Internet. A correctly optimized website therefore gives greater efficiency and effectiveness of our activities, allows you to save resources on effective positioning, and facilitates this task and gives greater opportunities for positioning the website. The website optimization itself is relatively simple, and if we do not know it ourselves, we can easily outsource such a service to an SEO agency. Our website should also be optimized so that you do not have to return to this activity at a later time and waste time to improve certain elements.


Website optimization – loading speed

The first element of optimization that is performed on a website is how quickly your website loads. This factor is very important and determines how quickly your site will load in full, when the first elements appear on it, or when the user will be able to start using the site. This element is very important as it influences the website’s rating in the Google index and the decision on whether or not to leave the website by users. There are several actions that can make a website faster. This is the use of properly compressed photos and multimedia, not reloading the page with scripts and extensions, hosting configuration or selecting simple templates and displaying multimedia from external hosting such as YT. Check the page loading speed.

Website optimization – simplification of the website skeleton and HTML code

The second important element of website optimization is to simplify the website backbone and HTML code. Such actions influence the positive assessment of the website by Google and the ease of indexing and user-friendliness of the website. This simplification is done mainly by choosing the right page layout, the number of subpages or navigation and functional elements, as well as by removing all unnecessary tags and elements from the HTML code.

Structured data, file directories and URL structure

An important aspect of website optimization is the structured data, directory layout and the URL structure itself. Structured data are descriptions and titles of websites visible in the Google search engine, and optimizing them is an appropriate and conscious setting so that they contain keywords and encourage users to go to the website. Website optimization is also taking care of the logical structure of file directories so that systematically added to the website is readable for administrators, and thus facilitates website management. When optimizing a website, we must also take care of the logical structure of the URLs of the subpages so that they are specific names of departments, and not randomly generated strings.

Analysis and selection of phrases for the website

One of the most important on-site optimization activities is the analysis and selection of appropriate keywords for the website. Keywords are most often selected by SEO specialists, although we can also carry out this task ourselves. Analysis and selection consist in determining the words under which we want to be visible in the Google search engine. For this purpose, we can use a tool such as the Google keyword planner or external keywordgenerators where we can find a list of the most popular phrases for given subject categories.

Website optimization – mobile version of the website

Another optimization step is to create a responsive version of the website. This is a very important move due to the constantly growing market of searches from mobile devices. Our website adapted to small-screen devices will be better positioned and rated by Google overall.

Adding SEO content and texts to your website

An extremely important step in optimizing a website is adding SEO content and texts to it. Thematic content is high-quality content that fills our website, and SEO texts are texts written with particular emphasis on the phrases under which we want to be visible in the Google search engine. Website optimization in this respect will be continuous, regular and long-lasting, because this type of content should be added throughout the website positioning, not only at its beginning during the initial configuration.

Website optimization – summary:

All in all, the fact is that website optimization is part of your SEO efforts. A properly optimized website is much easier to position itself. Website structure, navigation, XML sitemap and page loading time – all this indirectly on the page’s position in Google.

By choosing our website positioning offer, you can count on a free audit and website optimization. Website optimization is one of the basic activities in the field of website positioning. Just setting keywords and getting links is not enough if the website is not properly optimized. Everyone can try to introduce the above-mentioned recommendations on their own, but it is worth remembering that SEO specialists have many years of experience in website positioning. If you have chosen WordPress websites or online stores created by our Agency, you can be sure that the website will meet all the above-mentioned standards.