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Features of a good website

Are you going to outsource the creation of a website, but you don’t really know much about it? You don’t know how a well-prepared website should look and work and what you should pay attention to? We will try to provide you with valuable tips.

What is the website for you?

Before you know all the features of a good website, you need to answer an important question – what will it be for your business? The correct answer is: a showcase. You may not be aware of it yet, but the website will identify your business on the web. It will depend on her whether you manage to attract clients, or rather not make a positive impression on them and you will have to take into account the losses. The old truth is that it’s better not to have a website than to have it badly done. The negative impression is difficult to erase, and it is difficult to regain a dissatisfied customer. Therefore, we present below the most important features of a good website.

Consistency that builds your website’s credibility

Are you aware that Internet users are very keen observers? They are intelligent and suspicious. Every year, the awareness of people using the Internet is growing. They are aware of the common dangers and dangers that can await them on different pages. That is why they watch and analyze them so hard. Whatever they don’t like is verified with a critical eye. If the number of questionable or annoying things exceeds the invisible limit, the user will immediately leave the site and there is little chance that he will ever want to return to it. What can you do about it? First of all, avoid such situations.

You need to make sure that your users and customers feel safe on the website you are going to create for them. It should be consistent and consistent with the image you create in the network and in real life. For example, if all of your company’s advertising and information materials are printed in red and gray, the page layout should also be in these colors. Only in this way will you be able to build credibility and acquire customers who trust you and are willing to place orders.

Semantic correctness of the website

The characteristics of a good website are really based on basic assumptions. In everyday life, we like to talk to intelligent people who can express themselves or write. Is it different when we use the Internet, and especially when we visit someone else’s website?

The errors and typos encountered on them can not only discourage us, but also create a negative image about your company. A potential customer may think this way – the company does not know the basic principles of spelling and grammar. He also regrets the money for a company that will do this for them properly. So what is my guarantee that my order will be carried out as expected? It’s not worth the risk when the competition is so big and I’ll definitely find someone better than them. As you can see, it is worth investing in professional website development or ordering proofreading.

Typos in texts are another bane of many websites. The texts, written quickly and on your knees, hide a huge number of typos, called typos. Finding them yourself can be difficult, so it’s best to pass the texts you have written to a stranger to proofread.

Security and technology

You commissioned the website to be created by your niece’s brother-in-law’s cousin who teaches computer science at school? So do not be surprised that the appearance of what you received is far from modern standards. Trends on the web change every year, just like clothing fashion. The Internet and websites 20 and 10 years ago looked completely different than today. Unfortunately, many people have not noticed this and still make web editors that remember the times of Windows 98 or XP.

Your visitors won’t even analyze what you’ve posted on the page if they notice that it looks retro. Instead, they’ll think they got into the time capsule, went back 20 years, and discovered the origins of the web. How is such a website supposed to effectively advertise you? It is impossible! The features of a good website are primarily a modern look that builds credibility and proves that the company is modern, actually operates on the market and cares about its image. How to make such an impression?

The best way is to order the website from professionals who follow the changing trends and are able to meet them. Confirmed features of a good website are also data transmission security. This is of great importance in the case of websites of online stores to which we provide sensitive data about ourselves. SSL encryption is the necessary minimum that allows customers to feel safe – provided that they are on the original, and not prepared website of the store, which may also have an SSL certificate and start with https with a padlock icon.

The speed of the website

Another feature of a good website is speed. Most of us live in a hurry and count every second. We do not have time to wait for a website to load or a long search for information on it.

We want to receive everything immediately and in a readable form that does not force us to think and analyze what the author meant. If anyone does not meet our expectations, we say goodbye to him without regret and go to the competition. Sad and brutal but true. You have to keep this in mind when you order the website. It should load quickly, and the page layout, menu and structure should be designed in such a way that everyone can find what interests them quickly and without wasting time. How can you get it? First of all, the carefully performed optimization of the media published on the website, as well as a well-thought-out choice of hosting that will provide the website with almost 100% availability and speed of data loading.

How to check the page loading speed?

Currently, analysts and developers designing websites have a number of available tools that allow them to check how quickly a given website loads. One of the most popular of these is PageSpeed ​​Insights. It is a completely free tool from Google, which will allow you, for example, to check how many seconds your website opens.

This tool is also a very good source of knowledge about what you need to improve on your own website. It is estimated that the result of the loading speed around 90 + / 100 is a very good result. An optional but equally good tool is the popular GTmetrix. Very often it shows more accurate data than the equivalent of the previously discussed PageSpeed.

If you need help in optimizing your website, please contact us. We will help you find and solve the problems of each website.

October 8, 2021