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What is WordPress and what is it for?

What is WordPress and what it is for – you will find out in this post. WordPress has been one of the most popular content management systems in the world for years. What is a content management system, what are the benefits of such a system and whether it is worth creating websites using WordPress – I invite you to read the article.
WordPress is a very popular and uncomplicated website builder. Thanks to this tool, creating websites becomes easy, uncomplicated and accessible even to people who are unfamiliar with programming. This is why users liked WordPress and that is why it is so popular.

What is WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Thanks to this solution, we can easily and user-friendly manage the content of our website. But wait, what is a Content Management System anyway?

Content management system – what is it

Content Management System (CMS) is a platform that allows you to manipulate the content of a website in a user-friendly visual environment. What does it mean? This means that a user who creates a website using, for example, WordPress, without high technical skills and without programming skills, can create his website. The CMS system has extensive administrative functions that allow you to make changes to the content from the site’s admin panel, not in the page code.

WordPress – a simple system for creating web content

The WordPress platform has conquered the world with its solution for bloggers. Until today, the main feature of WordPress is the ability to add entries to the website in the form of a Blog. It is a built-in WordPress functionality that has been refined over the years and today it can be said to be perfected.

The simplicity of the interface, intuitiveness and flexibility of WordPress made users very eager to use it. The huge interest around this CMS has created an active WordPress community that cooperates with each other on internet forums, creates new add-ons and helps to improve the System.

What is the phenomenon of this solution that has aroused so much interest and even today, when we already have so many technologies on the market – websites based on WordPress account for nearly 40% of the global market. This is due to the fact that WordPress has a huge database of free add-ons (plugins) that can change the page exactly as the user needs it. No programming, no additional configuration. When we need a given functionality, just enter the searched phrase and install an additional module that will allow us to use additional functions.

What is the WordPress CMS for

WordPress can be used for many purposes. With the help of this CMS, we can create a website that will be a blog or, for example, create a website for the promotion of your business activities. In WordPress, we can install a free theme that will suit us with the functionality and design adapted to the purpose of our website. All this means that we can quickly set up a simple website that meets our expectations.

Blog – website with a blog

From the beginning of WordPress, it was designed to manage the content of the Blog. The dynamic development of WordPress has made it the most popular and, in my opinion, the best platform for bloggers in the world. Thanks to free themes adapted to various types of blogs, we can install a given theme and introduce content to the website tailored to our needs and style.

Company pages, company cards and product pages

When creating a website with a view to promoting their business services, users very often choose WordPress. Contrary to appearances, this simple and uncomplicated WordPress interface can allow you to build a website with an outstanding appearance and above-standard functionalities. Company websites are usually aimed at appearing on the web and presenting their services to customers on the Internet. It’s no wonder that WordPress is often chosen for such expectations. Company business cards created in WordPress position well, and their appearance can be adjusted with a ready-made theme or page builder.

Online shop

WordPress has built its power on the modularity of the system. One of its additional modules that can be installed on any WordPress website is WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a plugin that will transform our website into an online store. It is a completely free module that, when properly configured, can bring huge profits from sales in the online store.

Own portfolio and CV

A website does not always have to have a business plan or promotion in mind. Websites are often purely informative, and WordPress is also great in this role. With the help of this CMS, we can quickly and effectively create our portfolio presenting our own work or create an interactive CV with which we want to get a dream job.

Dedicated solutions

It is often said that WordPress is just template solutions based on themes and plugins. Yes, WordPress is largely based on the creativity of other users, but it can also be used to build more complex solutions.

WordPress is a great base for creating complex projects, because we have a basic database and the entire administrative interface created at the start. With technical knowledge of the tools on which WordPress is created, we can expand our website into any dedicated solution.

In addition, there is a mass of usually paid ready-made solutions that, when properly adapted to business needs, will meet most of the required functionalities. Ready-made WordPress solutions allow you to save time and money that would have to be spent on creating dedicated solutions from scratch. WordPress offers ready-made solutions for:

  • E-learning platforms,
  • Online orders (restaurants, taxi, etc.),
  • Reservation systems,
  • Internet forums,
  • Social media,
  • Advertising platforms,
  • Others – we will also find other solutions for extensive WordPress websites, it all depends on the users’ needs.

Who is WordPress for?

As the above information shows – WordPress can be literally for everyone. The range of applications of the WordPress content management system is really wide and everyone will find something for themselves. Using ready-made solutions, every person with a bit of IT skills is able to create a WordPress website on their own. There are tons of tutorials on the internet to help newcomers build a website from scratch.

If we do not want to waste time creating a website or we simply do not feel up to it, we can commission the creation of such a website to specialists who deal with it professionally. Then we will be sure that the selection of plugins, theme and functionality of the website will be at the highest level, and any programming changes will not be a problem. We invite you to take advantage of the free project valuation (click).

Is it worth using a WordPress content management system

It is definitely worth using this CMS. Once you know what WordPress is and what it is for yourself, you can judge that creating a website with this content management system is much easier than creating a website from scratch. WordPress website development has a ton of advantages that can be seen with the naked eye.

  • Database of plugins and additional modules – WordPress offers a huge amount of ready-made solutions in the form of plugins and modules. There are both paid and free plugins depending on our needs.
  • Free and paid themes – The theme library for this content management system is very large. We have a choice of themes with various themes and styles – everyone will find something for themselves.
  • Intuitiveness and ease of use – anyone who has dealt with WordPress and can compare it with other CMS can say that WordPress is a very readable system. The dashboard and admin panel have been designed in such a way as to facilitate the work with this tool as much as possible.
  • Keeping programming to a minimum – if we are not programmers and have no technical knowledge – we can create a website quickly and easily with the help of this CMS. Just choose a theme and then adjust its content. There are also a lot of Page Builders that will help us create a website using Drag & Drop functionality.
  • Technical support and active community – when creating a website, we often come across some error of a specific plug or page display. In this situation, the technical support we get from other WordPress users is very important. All you need to do is report the problem on the WordPress forum or the plugin forum. Users are very happy to help and share knowledge in the case of WordPress.
  • A large number of applications – in virtually every industry, a website built on WordPress will be right. There are many ready-made solutions for every field and for most website applications.

What is the WooCommerce online store

The WooCommerce online store is a WordPress plugin that “transforms” our site into an online store. It is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world and accounts for as much as 30% of all online stores on the web. Importantly, WooCommerce is a free tool with a huge amount of free and paid add-ons that will expand your online store with additional functionalities.

The WooCommerce plugin for WodPress is a really great solution if you want to start selling online. The tool is very intuitive and simple. The store admin can add, remove and edit the products in his assortment himself. Without any programming knowledge, you can easily set up your store and start selling safely online. Since as much as 30% of all online stores in the world are based on this solution – it must be a solid solution, right?