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8 tips how to effectively prepare for creating a website

Do you run a company, but you don’t have a website yet? Would you like to outsource its creation to professionals from an advertising agency? We present 8 tips on how to effectively prepare for creating a website.

Ask yourself who you are

The most important stage to start working on a website is to ask yourself the following questions: Who am I? Who is my company? What values ​​does it give? What is important to me?
The image of the website should reflect the nature of your business and be tailored to your customers. Answering these questions will allow people who will be responsible for designing the website to better understand the needs and adjust the website to your industries.

Define the purpose of creating the website

Do you want to create a website, but for what purpose? Do you want to build an image? Attract new people? Encourage contact or maybe sell thanks to it? Contrary to appearances, this is a difficult question. We cannot assume that we are creating a website because everyone has one. Choosing the right goal will make us adapt the page to it. We will design the page that is to show the portfolio differently and the page that is supposed to sell differently.

Create a persona

Who is my client? How old is he? What do they pay attention to?
We design our website with the recipients in mind, so it is very important to get to know them better – from their needs to their interests. At this stage, create 2-3 personas for the perfect customer. Think what they are like and put yourself in their shoes. List all the elements that they can pay attention to and will make them stay on your website for longer.

Collect all visual identification

Logos, photos or graphics are a very important element on your website. Qualitative visual identification is a quality website. Make sure that your graphics and photos are of the highest quality – they will attract attention and will be aesthetic. You do not have the appropriate visual identification? Write to us!

Look for inspiration and browse the pages of competitors

Don’t be afraid to look at the pages of competitors or related industries. Perhaps you will find a style there in which direction you would like to go. Collect a few such pages and send them to professionals – they will know in which direction to go and will surely meet your expectations.

Determine what marketing solutions you will need

Decide what should be on your website – newsletter, chat, contact form or maybe a calendar? This information will help you to adjust the website developer to your needs.

Prepare the content for the website

Content on the website is an important element not only for positioning, but also for the recipients. If you know what subpages your website will consist of, you can start writing! Remember about keywords and all the most important information that will be useful to your customers. The standard subpages are the tabs: about us, contact, product / service description.

Outsource the creation of a website to professionals and pass on all the previously collected tips

A good website design is a positive image of the company. It is not worth saving here. A professionally prepared website inspires more trust and is more transparent. It is also no secret how important the website’s UX, i.e. website usability, is. Correct website design will make you gain new customers and increase your profits!

September 17, 2021