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7 reasons that will convince you to use WordPress

Are you thinking about creating your first website and considering choosing the right CMS? Let’s introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress, one of the most popular CMSs in the world.

WordPress undoubtedly has many advantages, so we will start with the PLUS of this system!


The popularity of the system around the world means that there are a lot of guides on the Internet that will help you solve many challenges. In Poland, we also have many WordPress specialists who, if necessary, will help fix a given problem or perform work such as: updating products, templates, adding new photos, creating a new subpage, etc.


By far one of the most important advantages of Wordpess is its ease of use and intuitiveness. This CMS does not require the user to know HTML and PHP. The panel that was created is clear and understandable even for less advanced people. We will be able to easily change the appearance of the website, add content or media. Are you a beginner and want to learn how to operate WordPress? Check out our guide!


Thousands of plugins that I offer in WordPress will make it easier for you to add selected elements that will enrich your website. It can be a form, a map with directions, but also plugins to help you optimize SEO, back up your website, and more!


Changing graphics, content or adding a new product to an existing website? Nothing hard! The WordPress panel has been designed in such a way that even for a beginner it is not a problem.

In addition to the advantages, just like any CMS, WordPress also has disadvantages.

Uniqueness of the template

Most of the templates offered by the system are very similar. A user who wants his website to be extraordinary, unfortunately, must know HTLM and PHP. Original templates are possible, of course, but the help of specialists is necessary here. Studio Kreacja is a marketing agency that will design something completely different from the standards and will make your company stand out from the competition.

Lots of non-quality plugs

Thousands of plugs are an advantage, but also a disadvantage … Choosing the right plug is a real challenge for a beginner. How do plugins affect? Too many plugins can negatively affect system performance.


Due to the fact that it is the most popular CMS system, it is also the most frequently attacked CMS by hackers. An important issue here is adequate security and having backups of the website.

WordPress has both advantages and disadvantages just like any other CMS. Nevertheless, it is a system that is worth attention especially for simple website designs and blogs.